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William Fideli, WFI

I have known Dorothy Jackman for almost 15 years.  She was one of the first student housing experts I contacted to learn about the asset class.  Dorothy was kind enough to take the time to teach me important elements of the space and to introduce me to others that could assist in my efforts. Fast forward to 2023 and I have invested in student communities from Maine to Arizona.  I still communicate with Dorothy often sharing intel, talking about our families and always having a laugh.  Dorothy is, and will always be, that individual that will assist you in a time of need.  I consider her a true professional and wonderful person.

Andrew T. Layton, LiveSQ

It was a pleasure to work with Dorothy on our acquisition of Vox Tallahassee.  She ensured that her team not only promptly responded to all our underwriting questions but made certain that our due diligence efforts went smoothly.  Dorothy facilitated deal execution by making certain that there was consistent open dialogue between Student Quarters and the seller.  We can’t wait for the next deal that we can work on together!

Ronald Koretz

Working with Dorothy is always a pleasure. She has sold multiple deals for us and has always executed at the highest level of professionalism. Not only does she understand the asset and market position very well, but she is very skilled at managing the sales process, which results in a maximum price for the seller. I highly recommend Dorothy.

FortGroup Development

There were many obstacles overcome along the way, including a meltdown of the capital markets during the inspection period. Dorothy never lost focus and did a remarkable job of facilitating solutions to the myriad of problems we faced during the seven months we were engaged with the buyer. We value the relationship we have developed with Dorothy and look forward to working together for years to come.

Doug Bibby, Former President of NMHC

We sought out experts in formulating the student housing conference and turned right away to Dorothy,” says Doug Bibby, former president of the NMHC. “She’s one of the top three producers in the industry, maybe the top producer. She’s smart, full of energy, a very positive person and very good at what she does. I think very highly of her.